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Hi everyone, today I want to cover most of the tools that will be used when starting with digital marketing.

The reason I named this article “Fundamental of digital marketing tools” is because you will surely come across these tools when starting as a digital marketer.

However, this will just contain an overview of the tools and I will not dive deeply into the topics.

Let’s get started then, shall we?

Social Media Management

Social Media marketing is one of the key aspects of digital marketing. With the shift of a huge number of users to social media, online marketing…

Harmony Alert Bot is being used by the delegators and validators to get notified regarding their status in Harmony open Staking. With Openstaking recently launched on the mainnet, a number of delegators and validators have already started using the Alert bot to get notified about their Validators/delegators status. Here are the statistics of the users that have subscribed to the alerts from the bot.

Total number of Validators subscribed: 44

Total number of Delegators subscribed: 55

Total Number of users: 99

What information is available on the alert bot:

Here are the main features for now. More features may be…

iBriz-ICONOsphere has been working with ICON Foundation for a long time now. It was during 2018, when we started with a workshop at Blockchain week and that has been the start point of this collaboration. We released the first part of our contribution which you can find.

With time our relations with the ICON team in the US and Korea have grown stronger and we are continuing to build this collaboration. While iBriz-ICONOsphere has continued to push forward the projects that were covered in the previous contribution article, our involvement with the P-Reps has also been a great opportunity to…

Incentives play a major role to motivate individuals in whatever they are doing. With the tipping culture in every service we give or take, it has mostly been a positive gesture. ICON, a South Korean blockchain project has got a community that consists of motivated individuals and teams from all around the world. So, iBriz-ICONOsphere, a public representative team for ICON is preparing to come up with a tipping bot to help acknowledge the contributions made by the community.

The bot is available in the Telegram Platform which is also the largest community for the ICON Project. The community consists…

In a world where you see everyone is talking about competition, moving faster than everyone else, growing to the full potential, and being materialistic a new word has finally started making some sense which is spirituality.( Spirituality is knowing who you really are and connecting with something larger than yourself.). If you’d ask me 6 years back, I wouldn’t have any clue about this word. Still today, when I am asked about spirituality, I begin to ask questions to myself because it started with questioning myself, trying to find myself and what is within me. …

As the monetary system that we are working with is debt-ridden and blockchain has been one of those ways to hopefully uplift the economic crisis. The reason might be, it’s not in the control of someone specific but a large group of people. With the current monetary system, it is inevitable for the currency to face inflation. Digital Assets like cryptocurrency are minted in a limited number and minted when needed only so that the risk of facing inflation can be mitigated. …

August 26th, 2019 begins with the start of the race for being among the 22 p-reps who will be representing and governing the future of ICON and its ecosystem. With much talked about topic in blockchain world, ICON might possibly be one of the strongest and futuristic blockchain ecosystem that everyone will want to be a part of eventually.

Creating a stable nation with ICON finally seems to be a dream come true as the foundation for this seems to well built upon the business ideology and sustainability.

The Ethereum of South Korea as it is described, does promise to…

Blockchain as it seems completely new for developing nations, makes it a light of hope that might be the key to solve certain shortcomings in the current system. As someone from a tech background and involved in marketing for a time being, I am fascinated by the innovations that can be done with this technology. However I fear that this concept can be so overwhelming that innovators might actually never use it to it’s greater advantage.

As much as Blockchain seems as an empowering technology, some consider it as a paradigm shift like the time when internet was introduced. To…

It’s not a new thing that automotive companies have been working super hard on the next generation vehicles that is not run on fuel but powered by electricity. The trend of EV started from quite some time with the launch of Tesla, one of the famous American Automotive and energy company based in Palo Alto, the city of startups.

The latest Cybertruck from Tesla is still a trending topic since its release and it is also an electric vehicle.

Before that some big automotive companies like and also planned and launched various models of electric vehicles in the market. As…

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